Same hacker may have targeted Ars, reporter Krebs, and Wired’s Honan

Security reporter Brian Krebs has uncovered some details about one of the people tied to the denial of service attack on his site and the fraudulent 911 call that brought armed police to Krebs' doorstep. It turns out the hacker may have delivered grief to another technology reporter not too long ago: Mat Honan. And, yes, that hacker appears to have used accounts tied to Friday's DOS attack on Ars.

Krebs connected with the operator of TwBooter ( who told the reporter that the accounts used to launch said attacks were taken over by a hacker who goes by Phobia. (The TwBooter operator wouldn't explain how he knew, however.) Other leads Krebs uncovered pointed to a group of gamers and hackers called "Team Hype," upset by his reporting on the identity theft clearinghouse site—because they, apparently, had been using information from the site to take over the Xbox Live gamertags of Microsoft employees before selling them to other players.  One of the members of that group was known as Phobia.

According to Krebs' source, Phobia had been bragging to others that he was responsible for both the DOS attack on Krebs' site and the call that brought armed police to his house. But Phobia, who had until recently used the Twitter account @PhobiaTheGod, had his personal details exposed as well. He had been "doxed" on the site So Krebs decided to use that information to give Phobia a call.

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