Gartner’s 2013 Enterprise Architecture Tools Magic Quadrant

Like every year, Gartner has released yet another great resource for Enterprise Architects with their EA Tools Magic Quadrant. This is a very useful tool especially if you are in the market for an Enterepise Architecture tool. Gartner dog a good job of plotting holistically where each player in this complex space resides based on their criteria.

Enterprise Architcture 2013 Magic Quadrant

Below you will find the Gartner Magic Quadrant. If you have seen years past the format and even the players will be familiar. However, play close attention as the players have shifted somewhat.

Gartner bases this analysis based on the following criteria:

  • A repository that supports, at a minimum, the business, information, technology and solution viewpoints and their relationships. The repository must also support business direction, vision and strategy, as well as business disruptions.
  • Modeling capabilities that support the minimum viewpoints of business, information, technology and solutions.
  • Decision analysis capabilities, such as gap analysis, impact analysis, scenario planning and system thinking.
  • Presentation capabilities that are visual or interactive to meet the demands of a myriad of stakeholders.
  • Administration capabilities that enable security, user management and other tasks.
  • Configurability capabilities that are extensive, simple and straightforward to accomplish, while supporting multiple environments.
  • Support for frameworks and standards, often used while providing the flexibility to modify the framework.
  • Usability, including intuitive, flexible and easy-to-learn UIs.

According to Gartner's Julie Short, "The overall market is improving its strategy to deliver business outcomes, as demonstrated by the many inquiries Gartner receives from clients on this topic."

If you have seen last years past MQ analysis you can find it here:

What you will notice is that this space is starting to solidify more. Int he MQ shown below you will see Avery crowded "visionary" quadrant. This year there acre some clear differences.


Overall the 2013 MQ looks a bit more refined and clearer on the differences in the Enterprise Architecture tool landscape. The criteria and the rational also seems a bit more susynced.

If you would like a full copy of the report, Troux is providing a complementary copy found below: