Product Coverage and Mitigation for CVE-2013-5065

On November 27, Microsoft published Security Advisory 2914486, which covers an elevation of privilege vulnerability in certain versions of Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.

The flaw lies in the NDProxy component of the Windows kernel. Exploitation requires that an attacker holds local login credentials.

This threat is currently being exploited in limited and targeted attacks. Functional exploitation and malware artifacts have been identified in the wild.



Microsoft has provided a workaround to address this issue. Details are available at:

McAfee Labs
The following McAfee products/content provide coverage:

McAfee Vulnerability Manager
McAfee MVM/FSL Content Release of 11/28/2013
McAfee Antivirus
Coverage is provided in the 7276 DATs, released on 12/1/2013
Name: Exploit-CVE2013-5065


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