Why Are The Developers of Revive Adserver Ignoring The Statistics Bug in Version 3.0.3?

Earlier this week we mentioned that Revive Adserver 3.0.3 has introduced a pretty serious bug that caused new statistics data to not show up. At that point two bug reports for this issue had been created and then they were closed by one of the developers. With those reports maybe you could argue that there were not enough details given to identify what was going on, though there isn’t much to tell beyond the fact that the statistics are not being updated (we didn’t see message in the debug.log for this). Also at that point, a third bug report had been filed that contained more details on what was going on.

Earlier today the third bug report was report was closed and listed as being a duplicate of one of the previous bug reports. That previous bug report was closed, without the bug being addressed, and the reporter was directed to the Revive Adserver forum. On the forum the problem causing the updated statistics to not show had already been identified. At this point the bug just needs to be fixed in the software and a new version released, but that can’t happen if the developers keep closing the bug reports without doing anything. After years of neglect by OpenX, it is unfortunate that the new maintainers of the software are acting so oddly. Hopefully this will get resolved soon and a situation like this doesn’t occur again.

For those waiting on an official fix, the easiest way to resolve this for now is to go to the file /lib/RV.php and change the line:

require_once RV_PATH . '/lib/pear/PEAR.php';


require_once 'pear/PEAR.php';

Update (April 7, 2014): The bug has now been fixed and the fix will be included in Revive Adserver 3.0.4.