Product Coverage and Mitigation for ICSA-14-178-01 (Havex/ICS-Focused Malware)

McAfee product coverage and mitigations for malware or indicators associated with the recent attacks (a.k.a. Dragonfly, Energetic Bear, Havex/SYSMain) on industrial control systems (ICS’s) are listed below.

The Havex remote access tool is common across these associated attacks or campaigns–including Dragonfly. We have seen Havex in ICS-specific targeted campaigns. It can detect and affect ICS- and SCADA-specific services, such as OPCServer (OLE for Process Control).

McAfee Product Coverage and Mitigation

  • McAfee VirusScan (AV):  Known, associated, malware samples are covered by the current DAT set (7486).   Updated coverage will be included in the July 2 DAT set
  • McAfee Web Gateway (AV): Same as VirusScan coverage.
  • McAfee Application Control: Provides coverage via whitelisting.  Nonconforming executables will not run.
  • McAfee Next Generation Firewall: Partial coverage (for malware artifacts) is available via built-in McAfee AV inspection of  mail, web, and file transfers.


Please check back often for updated technical details and product coverage.



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